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Divorce Lawyer

Best Divorce Lawyer in Dwarka, New Delhi

We at GLX Law Officers provide the service of the Best Divorce Lawyer for drafting and filing of divorce cases, maintenance cost, permanent alimony cases, domestic violence cases, and mutual divorce petitions.

Our Best Divorce Services come with the tip on divorce which leads to faster results in the short duration possible. Our consultations start from providing tips on remaining separate for a year from the date of filing divorce petition.

We help Best Divorce lawyer in Dwarka, New Delhi our clients not only in getting faster divorce but also assuring that maintenance are paid to the wife or even to the husband during the pendency of the proceedings of the divorce before the family court . Only an experienced lawyer well- versed in the Divorce Laws can help a client to get the maintenance. The grounds for divorce are given to the clients so that divorce can be achieved within a few hearing. Our services allow the wife and husband to restart their life after divorce, as results are obtained in the short duration.

We handle divorce cases on the ground of cruelty, infidelity, conversion, impotency, desertion, and on ground of adultery. We also provide services in filing maintenance case by wife against husband, and filing and defending the maintenance case by wife. Our Divorce Lawyer also handles cases under the Muslim dissolution marriage Act, 1939.

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