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PIL (Public Interest Litigation) Lawyer

Lawyer for PIL (Public Interest Litigation) in Delhi

Public interest litigation can be filed in high court or in Supreme Court directly. The public interest litigation can be made on any social issue to support a public cause by seeking judicial help for redressal of public injury.

There are various other areas Lawyer for PIL (Public Interest Litigation) in Delhi where public interest litigation can be field, these are the violations of basic rights of poor, content of any government policy, violation of any religion or basic fundamental rights or compelling municipality of perform its duty.

Sometimes firms do not take interest in the public interest litigations, but at our firm, we go out of our normal way to deal with case of public interest litigation. This is because we feel that our duty is also towards society, as we are part of the society.

Since public interest litigation can be filled from any part of the country against anyone in other part of the country, our PIL Lawyers can help a client in any part of the country, by taking the case to the high court of any state or directly to the supreme court of India.

At the cost effective cost we put top lawyer or lawyers in service of clients seeking justice through public interest litigation.

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